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Here’s what students and graduates of PCCCA / Beautiful Life Int'l, LLC, an ICE accredited school have to say about their experience!

My experience with my trainer Debbie Stankovich was truly a Holy Spirit assignment. Her insights were right on target and timely. She guided me each step of the way. She asked relevant questions and provided clarity based upon her experiences together with the leading of the Holy Spirit. I could also rely on her to keep me accountable to my commitments. She was gentle but firm. Debbie has been a blessing in my life.

Sylvia Junt – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach – Peyton, CO

My name is Janie Hendrix and I (through much prayer and thought) have decided to pursue Christian Coaching. (Christian Coach U) I have already finished Module #1! Yeah! Have just purchased module #2.

I found module #1 to be thought provoking…mainly inward! The final exercises were the best part for me. I look forward to module #2.

Janie Hendrix
VP of Management

don’t know how most students find this course but I have found it to be a most humbling and soul searching experience. I have considered myself a good Christian all of my life, having given my life to Christ at the age of 13 or 14. As I have now experienced another 60 years of living, I have discovered through this course that I have fallen far short of being the Christian that our Lord and Savior wanted me to be. My life experiences have been good, enjoyable and successful for the most part. I had felt that I had walked the talk as well as talked the talk and most of my public speaking experiences had Christian overtones to them. There was a certain lack of genuineness to them. I fooled myself and prayed that my audience was fooled also.

Over my long life I have gone through many seasons or cycles when I have considered myself devout-doing my devotions and having a meaningful prayer life and then there were those times when I have hardly thought of God and prayer was a forgotten practice. This program has had a tremendous impact on my attitude, knowledge and confidence for my future as a Christian Life Coach. 

Christ set the example for all of us. In my present walk and having read these scriptures in conjunction with my prayer life, I have found that the focus of my life has improved to such an extent that I am “in the word” and I am committed to the fact that as long as I believe and trust in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I will become a Life Coach with unlimited Christian influence.   Oh, what a blessing this course has been for me!

Ernest Beall – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach – Concord, NC
December 28, 2010

From my very first conversation with Dr. Bush I knew this course was going to be the spark to ignite a great spiritual rekindling within me. I’ve completed the course with renewed conviction in my beliefs and the steadfastness of faith that will carry through in all my business endeavors. I’m claiming all the good things God has in store for me.

Kim Hawkins – CCLC Graduate
Certified Christian Life Coach – San Antonio, TX

really liked that it (the course) started with material to be applied to myself, but I also found that applying it to yourself takes a lot of time and energy. I liked the grouping of the lessons under the three topics and found the self-study and one on one trainer meetings to be the perfect format for me.

Barbara Stahley – CCLC Graduate
Certified Christian Life Coach – Hoboken, NJ

While completing this course, I experienced two life-changing events. First, My Daddy got sick and my daughter got married, leaving my husband and I to experience the empty nest syndrome for the first time. Kathy was very supportive during this transition. Then just as I was finishing up, my Daddy died. Even though we had completed our sessions, Kathy was still supportive via email. This meant a lot. 

Renee Sullivan – CCLC Graduate
Certified Christian Life Coach – Macon, GA

My experience with PCCCA was great! The class was very informative. My trainer was a great help. She was very patient and explained whatever was necessary. Overall, the class was just what I needed for the next level of my career and ministry.

Katherine Norfleet– CCLC Graduate
Certified Christian Life Coach – Oviedo, FL

I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I was challenged spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. I have grown in my faith and love for Christ. Todd (my trainer) was a great champion in my corner. I really looked forward each week to our visits. I recommend this process to those who desire to follow God’s will for their life!

Matthew LaGrange, PhD – CCLC Graduate
Certified Christian Life Coach – Grapevine, TX

I have gained so much from working with my trainer, Jenny Morris. The Holy Spirit would always give me clarity and or direction through her every session! She was so encouraging and I felt I could really be a successful coach because of all the encouragement and wisdom I received from her. Jenny, you’re awesome!!!

Alicia Cray – CCLC Graduate
Certified Christian Life Coach – Orlando, FL

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