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       Matthew 6:33 ~ Galatians 1:10
ICE Credentialing
International Christian Education Credentialing
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Decide you want to excel. 
Philippians 1:10

Follow the apostles’ pattern.
I Thessalonians 2:15

Concentrate on what works for you.
I Corinthians 12:12, 27

Take the initiative and start.
Ecclesiastes 9:10

Concentrate on the benefits as well as    the obligations.
Matthew 25:23 

Remember the past to help you, but not   to hurt you.
Philippians 3:13-14

Be confident, but not conceited.
II Timothy 1:7

Compare with others for motivation, but  not to despair. 
 I Corinthians 11:1

Hebrews 6:11-12

*Adapted from an article in the Mt. Juliet Messenger on April 25, 1999, and also appears on the church website at http://www.mtjuliet.org/sermons/archives/001410.html

Pictured left to right, Kathleen Brooks, Shelley McMullen, Yolanda Ramos, Jenny Morris, Leelo Bush, Bill Houlihan.

International Christian Education (ICE) Credentialing dates back conceptually to 2008 and is the first organization of its kind, created by Christian Coaching and Counseling education professionals across the globe who are dedicated to providing verifiable oversight and authentic credentials to Christian schools of behavioral studies including coaching and counseling varieties. This organization shall set standards of professional and ministerial excellence along with providing independent, professional credentials to schools, programs and graduates. 

What Is Accreditation? The word "accredited' is derived from the same root as the word "credible" (that which inspires belief or trust). Accreditation, verifies the school's credibility - its ability and wherewithall to deliver what is promised. ICE serves as an accrediting organization, that through the process of accreditation makes certain, verifies and acknowledges the Christian Coaching and/or Counseling school's credibility as they serve as an external witness to this.

Why Christian Accreditation? The reason is simple. The Word of God instructs us not to be uneavenly yoked. If a Christian school were to allign with an organization that did not share the same belief systems, it would only lead to compromise, frustration and a misleading message, none of which are Godly.

ICE Credentialing Mission: We commit to advance the professions of Christian / Biblical coaching and counseling by way of maintaining God-honoring criteria as found in Holy Scriptures, raising industry standards of performance and promoting the causes of our professions and members to the global community. 


The ICE Credentialing Executive Board is comprised of industry leaders and innovators as well as educators and professionals with a variety of experience levels. The Board will strive to unite our efforts to establish and maintain educational standards, criteria and ethics, as well as provide oversight to those Christian Coach and Counselor training organizations which voluntarily seek these services. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that professionals in our industries receive adequate and Biblically-correct training to enable them to perform with the excellence our Father expects of us as Kingdom ambassadors. When education institutions maintain high standards, providers of Christian Coaching and Counseling services will be empowered with greater skill and competency. Hence all that we do is ultimately designed to work toward fulfilling the varying needs of those individuals who seek Christian Coaching and Counseling services, to the highest standards possible.

Meet Other Executive Advisory Board Members...


God is, has been, and will always be. He created everything, and is still creating. God is over everything, and there is no other like Him. God loves you more than you can possibly imagine, no matter what “stuff” may be in your past.

Jesus is God’s Son. He came to earth to model God’s love and grace, voluntarily die on a cross for the sins of every person, and be brought back to life so we could all be reunited with God now and forever. Our sins have been bought and paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice. When we believe that Jesus is who He says He is, we find a perfect Friend who welcomes us with open arms just the way we are.

The Holy Spirit is God’s actual Spirit that lives in us when we choose to be a follower of Jesus. The Spirit gives us amazing power and gifts, and helps us grow to be more like Jesus.

The Bible is God’s Word for us, His children. It’s true and reliable.

Executive Advisory Board

Dr. AudreyAnn C. Moses
Professional Designations or Certifications: Developmental Psychologist (Behavior Management) Certified Christian Life Coach Academic degrees earned: Ph.D Counseling Psychology, MA Guidance/Counseling -Urban Ed (CAC), BS Adult Edu/Workforce Development. Ministerial background Music Ministry, Health Ministry, Women's Ministry, Counseling (personal / workshops), Teach Pastoral Care and Counseling

William J. Houlihan 
Professional Designations or Certifications: Master Christian Life Coach, Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Stress Relief Coach. Academic degree earned: BA Real Estate Appraisal Ministerial background: NAMB (North American Mission Board) of the Southern Baptist Convention Additional Coaching Certification through the COACHNET Christian Coaching Program

Kathleen Brooks
Professional Designations or Certifications: Master Certified and Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Stress Relief Coach.  Other Affiliations: *Former School Board member at Hillcrest Christian School, Thousand Oaks, CA (3 years), *Member of International Association of Women in Business Online, *Member- Christian Leadership Alliance, *Member- American Mothers Organization Academic degree earned: Bachelor of Science Ministerial background: Founder/Owner - Personal Retreat Coaching. Steering committee of Women's Ministry (LIFT: Ladies in Fellowship and Teaching), (church-based) Outreach Committee including Public Relations, Advertising, Communication and Events, Past president of PFA, Co-Chair of PR Committee, Prayer Team, Bible teacher and women’s retreat leader, discipleship, speaker.

Greg E. Tutwiler
Professional Designations or Certifications: Certified Christian Life Coach, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, Certified Discipleship Coach, Theophostic Prayer Minister, Certified PIAV/DISC Behaviors  Author / Publisher Academic degree(s) earned: BFA and AA Ministerial background: Pastor, TrueLife Church and Director of Shenandoah Valley Bible School, Freedom Living, Christian Life Coaching

Shelley McMullen - Secretary Pro Temp
Professional designations or certifications: Certified Christian Life Coach, published author, Other affiliations: President of Alamo Council of the Blind. Academic degree(s) earned: Bachelors in music education and Masters in Counseling.  Ministerial background: Emmaus Lay Director, Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader, Chancel choir member and soloist.

Dr. Yolanda Ramos
Professional designations or certifications: CEO/Founder - YVR Business Visions, Director/ Master Teacher - YVR Educational Institute, Accredited Associate of Institute for Independent Business, Business Administration Coach/Consultant, Radio Program Host: Spanish Christian Radio Station: Radio Vision Cristiana. The Christian University - Adjunct Professor, Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Stress Relief Coach.  Academic degree(s) earned: Masters Degree in Administrative Sciences, Professional Degree Educational Psychology. BA in Psychology, Doctorate student in family counseling and ministry student. 
Ministerial background: Founder of “Women; Heart to Heart celebrating Life” women’s ministry, guest speaker in Churches and for various women’s and family ministries.

Dr. Leelo-Dianne Bush
Professional designations or certifications: Master Christian Life Coach and Master Level Trainer, Author, Speaker, Christian Counselor, Director of Training and Founder of Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA) and Christian Coach U, principal at Beautiful Life International, LLC. Other: Dr. Bush is a global business and marketing trainer, former television host and executive producer, entrepreneur. Academic degree(s) earned: PhD and Masters Degree in Christian Counseling, BA in Political Science Ministerial background: Ordained counseling minister, (non-denominational) ordained chaplain, seminary graduate. Resident Chapel Pastor - Faith to Action Chapel and Founder of Faith to Action Movement.

Jenny Grace Morris
Professional designations or certifications: Master Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Christian Life Coach. Certified Stress Relief Coach, Certified Christian Counselor, Coach Trainer Other affiliations: numerous Bible studies and Christian Life Coaching practice Academic degree earned: BA.
Co-creator of the Relationship Communication Specialist program. 

Jim Roberts
Professional Designations or Certifications: Ordained Minister, Certified Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Certified Christian Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Christian Life Coach Academic degree(s) earned: BA Psychology, MDiv Master of Divinity, Post Graduate studies in Christian Leadership 
Ministerial background: Presbyterian Ordained Minister 20 years, Ordained Minister - ICCM 10 years