International Christian Education (ICE) Credentialing takes the guesswork out of whether a training organization provides adequate, scripturally-correct training. 

Our board accredited schools and programs have been providing professional Christian Coach and Counselor education and training since 2003.

Welcome to the Future of 
Christian Coaching & Counseling!
Key Board Accreditation Criteria 
ICE board accredited schools should be your #1 source for professional and ministerial coaching and counseling education. 
Uncompromisingly Biblical content
Financial stability
Organizational and leadership integrity
Highly trained faculty and staff
Meets professional program criteria
Student and graduate satisfaction reports
"I chose an ICE school because I wanted to study with a program where the authors and trainers share my faith.

- Graduate Testimonial -

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What is Accreditation?
Why Select an ICE School or Program?
Christian Coaching 2.0
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